• BFI Global

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”


BFI is an award-winning independent business advisory firm offering support around business valuations, financial investigations and disputes. Our multi-disciplinary expertise and approach go beyond the numbers and make the difference when economic interests are at stake.


Our valuation services go beyond the numbers. Obviously, we master valuation theories and techniques to the finest detail, yet recognize the importance of bringing in multi-disciplinary expertise such as strategic, industry, and behavioural-science knowledge to create a strong and defendable valuation narrative.


We have vast and proven experience in financial investigations, director liability issues, business failure investigations, and turnarounds. Our investigation services in highly exposed situations are focused on separating causation from correlation and eliminating self-serving biases and attribution errors.


Disputes concerning the value of a business or other financial interests are frequently unavoidable. The accurate assessment and motivation of the value as well as the quantum of damages in legal matters often depend on independent and top-notch valuation and financial advice.