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BFI article on the accounting industry in Dutch Financial Newspaper

Recently we shared our ideas in the Dutch Financial Newspaper (FD) on how the accountancy industry should embrace the collective wisdom of employees to better identify fraud and bankruptcy risks. By drawing comparisons between so-called High Reliability Organizations like nuclear plants, aircraft carriers and

Rethinking Bad Apple Theory

In business failure theory the concept of ‘bad apples’ has taught us that when things go wrong humans have a natural tendency to blame it solely on top leadership. We believe that this is only one side of the story. It is thus important to study business failure situations from multiple viewpoints.

BFI named Valuation and Appraisal Advisory Firm 2018

BFI is happy to announce that we have been awarded Valuation and Appraisal Advisory Firm 2018 | Netherlands by Finance Monthly as part of their annual M&A Awards. We feel it is an honor and it motives us to push even harder for our clients.