• Valuation Advisory

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In the event of a merger, acquisition, sale or alliance it is important to understand the value likely to be created through the transaction. Valuing all or part of a business requires understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors. These include both detailed technical knowledge of value drivers and in-depth industry knowledge.

Our services differ from standardized valuation services up to more intensive, bespoke solutions. In some situations an indication of the valuation is sufficient. Where other situations require a more tailor made approach with detailed argumentation and in-depth analysis resulting in a fairness opinion.

Our valuation specialists support decision makers and stakeholders in this process. They bring technical expertise and above all many years of vast experience. BFI helps you revealing the value of your asset or company.

We are a member of the Dutch Institute of Certified Valuators (NIRV), the European Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (EACVA), and the National Register of Expert Witnesses (LRGD).

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