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BFI has a highly experienced management and unique team-driven culture. 

Prof. dr. Jan Adriaanse
Founder & Partner


Jan holds degrees in business administration and law and is associated to Leiden University as professor of turnaround management. He is engaged in research projects in the interdisciplinary field of financial distress, turnaround management and insolvency law. He is an author on these subjects and a regular speaker at international conferences. Jan serves among others as director of the Turnaround, Rescue & Insolvency research team at the Leiden Law School. Before founding BFI he was active as a turnaround consultant next to his academic activities.

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Marc Broekema RV
Founder & Partner


Marc holds a master of science degree in economics and business valuation, and post-master degrees in business valuation and M&A law. He is a seasoned business valuator, involved in complex commercial and shareholder disputes and investigations. He is an expert witness and member of the National Register of Experts Witnesses (LRGD). Marc founded two IT-companies of which one was successfully sold to DaimlerChrysler. Furthermore, Marc is a researcher at Leiden University where he studies decision making in the context of business valuation.

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Dr. Mark Dechesne
Director of Science & Technology

dr mark

Mark obtained his doctorate for an experimental psychological analysis of the effects of fear of death on social behavior. Nowadays he combines insights from existentialist philosophy, data-science as well as principles of social cognition and decision making. His current activities within BFI and Leiden University are primarily focused on developing basic knowledge regarding human judgment, decision making and beliefs, as well as the study of business failure processes in which these processes play an important role.

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