• We believe that it is more important
    how you perform than what you wear

    BFI Global

BFI fosters an unbiased, science-based and strong team-oriented culture which rewards people for their contributions to the company as a whole rather than only in their direct area of responsibility.

Our culture is underpinned by secrecy, the four-eyes principle and by disciplined risk awareness at every level of the organization. Our work environment is a reflection of the things we believe in. We believe that it is more important how you perform than what you wear. #greenappleculture


Forensic Analyst

“If you are searching for
a position where you will be given
the opportunity to challenge
yourself every day and
make a steep learning
curve, you”ll be in the
right place at BFI.”


Forensic IT-specialist

“Real readiness to change and adapt are
rarely found in many companies
. BFI embraces every opportunity to improve its
security procedures and technology to get better.”


Chartered Accountant

“If you want to go into
data-driven financial analytics,
this is the place to be.”


Forensic Analyst

“I love my dynamic job. Never a dull moment. From the first day I am fully engaged in high exposed cases.”


Corporate Finance Analyst

“The combination of talented people and professionalism gives BFI its competitive advantage. It is also simply fun to work here.


Social psychologist

“To explore the effects of social behavior on corporate decision making is what drives me.

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