• Business failure is a process. Not a sudden incident

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Our investigation philosophy is based on what we call Green Apple Theory. We focus on objective explanatory stories and refuse to simply hunt for allegedly ‘bad apples’.

Bad Apple Theory

  • Human error is the primary cause of business failure
  • Mismanagement is the conclusion of an investigation
  • To explain business failure, we must seek errors, violations, incompetence, neglect, hubris, narcissism, mistakes
  • You must find management’s inaccurate assessments, wrong decisions, bad judgments
  • To explain business failure you need to do ‘root cause’ analysis
  • To avoid business failure create tighter procedures, automation (kpi’s) and supervision

Green Apple Theory

  • Human error is a symptom of trouble deeper inside a company
  • Mismanagement is not the conclusion of an investigation. It is only one story
  • To explain business failure, do not try to find where management went wrong (‘who did it’) but try to answer the question ‘what went wrong?’
  • Find how management’s assessments and actions made sense at the time, given the circumstances that surrounded them
  • Root causes nor single causes do exist. What you call ‘root cause’ is simply the place where you stop looking any further
  • Business failure is a process, not a sudden incident
  • To avoid business failure create a business failure intelligence culture in an organization. Use the wisdom of the company crowd

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