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Research on business failure and drawing of conclusions can be seen as a ‘business failure dilemma’. Stakeholders and sometimes society as a whole need to know what caused the failure. Yet there are hardly any examples on business failure that have really answered that question. Many of the business failure researches performed provide just the answer on ‘who did it’, rarely free from biases and sheer mistakes as a result of applied methodologies and human judgments.

Our highly advanced investigation services are based on scientific insights including organizational failure theory (based on 1.000+ studies) as well as organisational psychology and data-science principles.

As a result we combine so-called deterministic and voluntaristic explanations, longitudinal data-analytics on business failure drift and state-of-the-art analytical tools including text-mining, emotion/sentiment analysis and truth-detection.
We believe in the power of data

Our investigation services on business failure in high exposed situations are focused on eliminating self-serving biases and fundamental attribution errors. Our scope of investigation is broad and based on strong organizational failure and financial knowledge, social psychology, data-science and research methodology. Our investigation philosophy is based on what we call ‘Green Apple Theory’. We focus on objective explanatory stories and refuse to simply hunt for allegedly ‘bad apples’.

Business Failure Investigation

  • Unbiased electronic data collection, storage and data-fusion processing
  • Business failure timeline reconstruction and analysis including over 25 (potential) business failure areas and over 200 data points
  • Scientific analysis of business failure process data including (reverse) text mining and semantics, heat mapping, sentiment analysis and bias detection
  • Secured digital reporting including infographics
  • Science-based business failure reconstruction-survey among relevant stakeholders including text mining and semantics, truth detection, heat mapping and sentiment analysis; questions adjusted to stakeholder groups
  • Anonymous survey response process
  • Unlimited number of respondents
  • Fully secured data storage; encryption technologies
  • 24/7 immediate incident response
  • € price on request

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